My Story

I’ve had a fascination with the natural healing properties of food and their benefits since I was 15. This was back in the 90s when general knowledge was basic, healthy alternatives were scarce and meditation and mindfulness was left to the hippies. Today’s scene is a completely different world.

I read books and magazines about new diets, recipes and ingredients; I studied Biology and food science at A-level and was generally sceptical of anything synthetic or mass-produced – particularly medication.

However, at the time the world was not ready for all things natural and my career options seemed to lead me either to convenience meals and food technology, or joining the strict world of dietetics, where people are not evaluated as an individual. So for the following ten years I pursued my other passion; art and design, although I never stopped reading about nutrition and what was new in the sector.

I used to eat what I wanted and gratefully never had to deal with the issue of willpower. However, between the ages of 23 and 28 I became increasingly aware that I was not immune to the perils of eating processed food and not doing exercise. I had problems with bloating and had acute IBS symptoms, that no doctor seemed bothered about. It wasn’t life threatening, so I was deemed fine. I thought it was crazy that there was no concern for my gut health, where we now know most disease begins. My mother also contracted cancer and has been battling it ever since. I just knew that diet and lifestyle were an important factor for the both of us and set upon further reading.

And now here I am, where I’ve finally taken the plunge. I’ve quit my career in marketing to pursue my passion and share my knowledge to help support people who want to choose an alternative path where they aren’t stressed, fatigued, and running on empty. There’s a world of tantalising tastes to explore, and feelings of contentment to be had! It’s time to nourish the mind, body and soul and not feel guilty about it! It’s time to love and listen to our bodies.

The health industry has seen a massive explosion over the last few years with no signs of slowing and I want to be a part of this enormously positive community.

I’m no expert just yet, but I’ve enrolled at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and will be studying to qualify as a nutritional therapist. I also love yoga, have dabbled in meditation and mindfulness and make my own natural, non-toxic personal care products.

I’d love it if you followed my journey!

Let’s do this together!


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