Blueberry chia jam, coconut and banana porridge

This is my favourite porridge recipe and it makes a deliciously creamy, sweet and comforting breakfast.

So many of my recipes are suitable for breakfast mainly because this was one of the main meals I needed to change and conquer. Before I always reached for toast or cereal and had splashings of dairy on both and in my tea. But now I’ve discovered so many flavoursome and filling alternatives that I not only look forward to breakfast as the most delicious meal of my day, I also look to it to get filled and fuelled up for it, which helps me escape those cravings too.

I’m a little odd in that I like my porridge cold, but this should work fine hot too. Just add the banana and the chia jam after you’ve heated it up.

There are good carbs in the oats and fruit, protein in the chia seeds, vitamins and minerals throughout as well as good fats in the coconut meat and milk.

The measurements are a rough guide as it’s really up to how you like each flavour and the size of your portion.


3-4 spoonfuls of organic oats

1-2  spoonfuls blueberry chia jam

Coconut milk – add to desired texture

1 banana

1 spoonful organic shredded coconut meat


1 spoonful chopped dates

6 chopped cashews


Simply add the oats and coconut meat to a bowl. Cover with coconut milk and stir. (Heat at this point if desired). Next stir in the Blueberry chia jam to mix it in and give it the lovely lavender colour. Add any extras and top up with milk as desired. Chop the banana and add as a topping.

Serve and enjoy! x


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