Feeling Peachy: My Philosophy + Aims

As I continue on my journey to health and wellness, naturally my thoughts and aims will develop too. I’ve been thinking for a while that I would like to update ‘my story’ but feel that as I’ve only been going for 6 months, perhaps expanding my story with a philosophy would be an interesting area to focus on.

So this post hopes to provide you with a little more detail and insight into the reasons why ‘Feeling Peachy’ became. I hope you enjoy it and simply see it as an opinion, I’m in no way trying to inflict what is the ‘right’ way, as that is the opposite of what I believe. I’ve come to realise that we are all so wonderfully individual biologically as well as characteristically and hope that my new venture into naturopathic nutrition will help me continue to address people and their symptoms in this way.

So first a little more about me…

I’ve always been very passionate about the environment and animal welfare and while I’m no extremist, these things upset me just as much as human atrocities. Therefore I will always have an environmental bias on the things that I recommend. However, I do believe that meat, poultry, and fish should make up part of a healthy balanced diet as they are nutrient dense foods, therefore this is not a vegan blog. I realise this may not make sense to some people, but what I am passionate about is the way in which animals are reared, what they are fed and the amount that we eat. I feel that if everyone reduced the amount of meat they ate, both the environment and our health would benefit.

I’m not religious, but I am spiritual and do believe in things such as our ‘vital force’ and the impact of negative emotional energy on ourselves, others and the natural environment. Emotions are contagious and we can change our world and health with positive thoughts. Something that I continue to work on. I also believe that stress and lifestyle need to be addressed seriously as they are both silent killers.

I’ve been underweight and while never overweight I’ve also not been happy with my weight. I’ve had ‘fat’ days and I’ve scrutinised my body in the mirror morning, noon and night, (particularly with my IBS symptoms). Neither are healthy. However, I feel in a good position to understand how others feel. I bring no judgement to diet, as I’ve been unhealthy too and I hope these experiences will serve my future clients well. I want to help people find solutions, not feel embarrassed or ashamed. Being healthy and fit is not just for the geeks, super-strong or control freaks. If I can do it (and it took me a while), anyone can. It’s a matter of small steps in the right direction.

I want my blog to be a mix of personal experience, tried and tested recipes for inspiration and scientific explanations to help people understand what they’re doing and why. I hope to give some useful tips and ideas with the majority of my posts. However, please note that I am not fully trained or qualified and won’t be until 2019. I am studying the latest nutritional science, but this blog is not a place for medical advice or support. You must seek professional advice from your chosen healthcare provider.

My aim is to build a healthy community based on principles where science and spirituality work together for optimum results. A place to find peace, answers and a re-connection to our natural selves. I believe we can live a clean, green future where technology is about understanding how to maximise our natural environment, not developing virtual and synthetic lives.

I also want to state that I will never use the word ‘clean eating’ because I think it is a dangerous term. To me, the term has arisen from promoting a diet free from chemicals, toxins, pesticides, and processing. And the term ‘plant-based’ means that your meals are based on whole foods directly from plants themselves. However; it has been twisted to be seen as a vegan-only extreme diet that critics have not done properly anyway. While I do believe in what I have described above as ‘clean’ and ‘plant-based’ I now feel that these terms are misleading. ‘Clean’ foods can suggest that some foods are good and some are bad, but if you get the balance right for you, no food is bad. I would rather use a ‘balanced whole food diet’.

#FeelingPeachy Philosophy:

  1. I do not believe in fads, diets, calorie counting or trends. Eating healthily should be the most natural thing in the world; we do it three times a day, every day and it’s sad that it can be such a struggle for most people, including myself. The only thing I would count is nutrients.
  2. This blog will only ever endeavour to bring you healthy, natural and sustainable solutions.
  3. All things in moderation – never has a truer word been spoken! I believe that you need to nourish your body and soul! Eat for pleasure as well and you will reap the benefits. The solution is to relearn what moderation and treating means and not to feed our imbalances with ‘comfort food’.
  4. I also believe that everything is connected. You will not achieve optimum health through diet or exercise alone and the other aspect we often under-appreciate is our mental health. I’ve experienced anxiety and depression too and this blog will always be about all three. Balance is at the heart of my philosophy.
  5. Stress is a silent killer and was responsible for my imbalance and disease, therefore it forms an integral part of my focus and subject matter.
  6. Speaking of balance, and as I mentioned earlier I want to explore the possibilities of taking a healthy dose of both science and spirituality for optimum understanding and meaning in our lives.
  7. My aim is to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle. Nothing is for 9 days, 14 or even 30. It’s not about pain and suffering, it’s about re-balancing for an easy and enjoyable routine. I changed my career and diet to find balance and it certainly hasn’t been easy for me, but nothing good comes without some sacrifice.
  8. Finally self-care. You’ve probably heard this a lot already. Our hectic lifestyles and pressures are causing us to ignore our body’s whispers, leaving the door open to chronic disease. You don’t have to be out socialising five days a week, it’s okay to do nothing sometimes. If great creative ideas can come from doing mundane activities, imagine the great health benefits that can come from rest and clearing the mind too.

Words to Live by:

  1. Nourish not punish!
  2. Change your thoughts, change your world.
  3. Balance: all things in moderation.
  4. All disease begins in the gut.
  5. Life is short.
  6. Change is possible.

I really hope that gives you more insight into what I’m all about and what I believe in. I want to solidify this as my ‘Feeling Peachy’ philosophy. I’d love it if you shared this with your friends if you feel aligned with it. Let’s build a peachy tribe together. In fact, I don’t just want this to be my philosophy, I want it to be yours too! So if you’d like to add anything to it, I’d be happy to consider your suggestions! Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you!



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