Healing Hashimotos with the AIP diet

Healing Hashimotos With Diet

Hashimoto’s is a very complex condition that can be brought on in a multitude of ways. It takes a long time to dig deep and find your own personal root cause, which also means finding your own personal way to heal. This felt overwhelming at first because there was no ‘cut and paste’ way to get better. However, after searching online for how others were doing it, I knew that I had caught it early, meaning that my treatment may not be so severe or take too long until a recovery (fingers crossed anyway).

My aim is to take the next 6 months to make some good headway with healing my gut and adrenals, and then I hope a further 6 months (maybe 18 – let’s not get too cocky), to fix my hormone imbalances and iron levels.

My doctors currently don’t believe I will ever make a full recovery and expect my antibodies to remain the same forever. The same goes for taking my medication – that’s for forever too! But there are people doing it and seeing remission on the other side. So I’m taking my studies in hand and I’m going to do my utmost. Not actually just for my own health, but to prove to myself and others that naturopathic nutrition holds the answers and possibilities!

After 4 months of reading, going Paleo, having blood tests and looking at my own symptoms I finally concluded that stress was my root cause. I didn’t have too many deficiencies, but my adrenals were also out of balance, I have food intolerances too and almost 100% of autoimmune sufferers have gut problems including intestinal permeability.

Anyway, due to the personal nature of healing, I’m not going to go into any further detail, but what I am going to introduce is the autoimmune protocol diet! This is an elimination diet that takes place over 3-4 weeks and aims to remove all intolerable foods, reduce inflammation (or even remove it depending on how long you do it) and rebalance the immune system! Sounds perfect! Is perfect ever easy? Never!!

When I first looked into it, I thought: “No Way, that’s impossible!” It is an extreme lifestyle change, but boy did I see the most amazing results, and in only 2 weeks too! There are two tricks to achieving success on the diet: one is being mentally ready (imperative) and the other is being organised and prepared.

While writing this, I am currently five successful days into it and intend to do it for 30 days. After that, I will slowly reintroduce one food at a time over 3 days (this gives time for reactions to occur, as a food intolerances can take 3 days to react/appear). Then I will know what to eliminate. It’s important to remove these foods as they are the foods passing through your leaky gut into the bloodstream or causing other unwanted symptoms. They will be stimulating an immune response, which will only aggravate your thyroid attack further.

If you have found your way to this blog due to IBS symptoms then it may be a good idea to check your thyroid profile. It could be due to food intolerances and subsequent inflammation as well as slowed transit time due to a lower metabolism. And problems with gas could be due to a gut dysbiosis. If you’re hypothyroid with IBS, check your Anti-TPO antibodies because 90% of people with hypothyroidism also have Hashimotos.

The AIP Diet:

This can be used to heal all 100+ autoimmune diseases:

On the whole it cuts out grains, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, seeds, sugar, alcohol & caffeine to name most of them and you’re looking at meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, coconut products, herbs and spices as a rough outline of what you can eat. However below are some links to more specific guidelines.

Foods to include can be found here

Foods to avoid can be found here

Here are some delicious meals that I have eaten on my AIP diet so far:

AIP meal
Fish with roasted veg & garlic cauliflower rice.


Cod, Salmon, broccoli & roasted parsnip
Cod, Salmon, broccoli & roasted parsnip


Beetroot, blueberry, banana, mint & coconut milk
Beetroot, blueberry, banana, mint & coconut milk smoothie.


Salty caramalised plantain dessert
Salty caramelised plantain dessert


Coconut & vanilla 'Paradise Slice'
Coconut & vanilla ‘Paradise Slice’ sweet treats

I’ll be posting the recipe for the Paradise Slices and of course some other delicious recipes. The header photo on this post also shows a spiralized cucumber salad with smoked salmon and lemon.

If you’re on the AIP diet or thinking of doing it let me know about your successes or concerns in the comments below. I’d love to see your AIP creations too! Share them on social media and tag them with #FeelingPeachy.



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