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There’s a brilliant new ‘foodie’ platform that’s been growing rapidly over the last year, particularly with health and wellness professionals and it’s called ‘Mealz’. What’s most exciting, is that it isn’t just for sharing favourite recipes (which it is great for) but it also enables you to follow professional nutritionists and chefs and gain access to their expert articles and even meal plans too!

I’m personally really excited about this, and while I haven’t had much time away from my studies to give my page the love and nourishment it deserves, I totally intend to and want to build a hub of fun and free recipes, articles detailing knowledge and experience as well as professional ‘paid for’ meal plans.

You don’t have to share recipes, you can simply follow others and build your own cookbook or buy specific meal plans, which can certainly help you expand your repertoire, bake for the office or friends or stick to a ‘free-from’ diet and find alternatives to food intolerances.

Having joined a support group for my autoimmune protocol diet, I have realised how hard people find sticking to it (and other ‘free from diets’) and am aiming to develop my own AIP meal plan. If you have any other requests, I’d love to hear them as I’d certainly like to meet all kinds of dietary needs eventually. I’ll definitely be developing plans for gluten, dairy-free and the Paleo diet. And perhaps in the future, I’ll even create specific plans for Diabetes, allergies and PCOS etc.

Head over here (to a page very much in progress) to feed on more foodie inspiration and advice, which I hope to boost substantially over the next two years. You can also follow my daily updates on Instagram and more thoughts, news and tips on Twitter, which will hopefully help you all to stay ‘feeling peachy’!





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