Gluten free fresh pizza made with chick peas

Gluten Free Fresh Pizza

I haven’t eaten a pizza in over two years and having tried some commercial gluten-free pizzas, I had been pretty much resigned to never eating pizza again. The replacements just aren’t good enough (Pizza Express was a real disappointment) and even the cauliflower base idea didn’t really cut it either…that was until I discovered this recipe!

Thank God for chick peas and the Hemsley sisters! I have both of their books and have tried so many of their recipes, all with much success. You’ll find the recipe in their first book, although here I have tweaked the toppings to my own liking and fridge contents.

Now, it doesn’t go and replace wheat bases, but the result is delicious and not a meal where you feel like you’ve missed out or not been satisfied. To be honest, while I love pizza, I never really felt good after eating it (obviously, as I have wheat and dairy intolerances). But this pizza recipe is so good, it takes my mind off of what I can’t eat and I feel really good after eating it.

The recipe enables you to whip up a dough in 10 minutes, fry it lightly in a pan, place the fresh toppings on it and eat immediately. I make it like a thick pancake, which will crisp up too, so that it seems more bread-like. The Hemsley sisters appear to make theirs much thinner, but I feel this is less satisfying especially in the winter at least.

Here it is:

Base Ingredients:

250g gram flour

2 pinches sea salt

1 pinch black pepper

Large pinch of herbs – rosemary / thyme etc

1 tbs grated fresh garlic or 1tsp garlic powder

Coconut oil or ghee for frying


You can choose anything, but I had:

Tomato puree

Wilted spinach & raw salad leaves

Chopped fresh tomato

Tinned sardines or mackerel

Roasted butternut squash

Raw chopped onion

Green / black olives


  • Whisk together the base ingredients with 400ml water by hand or in a blender
  • Leave to stand overnight (or 10 mins like me) at room temperature
  • Allow the chickpea flour to fully absorb the water
  • Prepare the toppings in the meantime!
  • Using a ceramic or cast iron pan, lightly grease it and bring it up to temperature
  • Pour in mixture to fill the pan or swirl around 12 cm wide and 2 cm thick like a pancake
  • Cook for a couple of minutes
  • Flip the base over and fry again for a few minutes (until golden brown and crispy)
  • Serve onto your plate and add your toppings.

Making this has really inspired me to try other alternatives. I’ve already discovered a good buckwheat pancake recipe, but my next adventure lies in trying out a cassava naan bread recipe! I love Naan, so fingers crossed.

As always, if you try it out, let me know how it went in the comments below, or tag your photos on social media with #FeelingPeachy.




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